Welc0m3 to my P0rtfolio!

Dezmond Timbrell

Wittnes my whimsicle art wanderings!!

I am an aspiring graphic novelist working almost exclusively with my own art style; and textile designs. I am in love with partaking in the creation of the strange and eclectic, I am not the biggest fan of establishing rules to my art. I prefer to meander through my own ideas, though I very much am a schticler for the way I colour I love to blend and layer in constantly I dispise flat colour ESPECIALLY with skintone, our skin is riddled with improfection, as is mine I have rosacia along with acne scars so I have whimbled those concepts of myself into my art.I portrayed this by laying a base layer of paint thats a lighter colour then the intended object then laying blotckes of much darker colours layering ontop till its to my likeing. preferably i work with digital art and watercolors! But I feel with a little work I could hodgepodge something together from most mediums. The decision to do the majority of my work digitally came from one of my early installations for my artwork, being mid to late 2010s animation memes! Even though my current art works off different inspirational pieces in the beginning of my teen years I was enraptured by the styles that I could only really find in that particular divit of YouTube and deviant art! I love looking over my art and still seeing how at its core it still has aspects of the art I consumed five years ago

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