In your eyes Project

I sadly lost all erly images of

"Love is a shambling thing gray faced and gasping" and the respective stages of its creation

Sadly i am missing this projects consept art

Water colour nd pencil on canvis

this peice is ment to represent love more as a ravenous creature ever pushing forward, represented by the Wolf and Deer. Bodies ever pressing together aimlisly wandering through the tepid watter, forced together by the singe arrow peircing through their skulls.

"The live dissection of John Doe Transgender spectacle "

this is the second large project i started this year and currently it has taken the longest, so dont you worry I have almost all the consept art!

I have to be honest here i am very much not happy with the relult of this project i feel it dose not fully convay my expectations. hopefully someday i can recreate it to be a peice i enjoy to its fullest.

Artist study Sam Hensly

this currently looks to have all the quality of a movie played through a car battery as it was rained on. i apologise

unfinished Artist study Lizz Hamolton

Here are consepts for future projects i hope to make in the next semester

here are the left over scraps and sketches i did in class